Aug 26, 2021jsadakhom rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This lovely graphic novel follows dressmaker Frances and prince Sebastian. In the beginning a customer asks Frances to make a dress for the ball and makes one that stands out from the rest. She gained some attention from the Royal family and was asked to be a dressmaker. Frances finds out the blindfolded person who she’s sewing for is prince Sebastian. At night, Sebastian puts on dresses and goes by the name Lady Crystallia. I read this in one sitting and I loved it so much! I love how the chapter illustrations are pattern pieces. As someone who’s interested in fashion and was surrounded by dressmaking growing up, it was a small detail that made me so happy. Sebastian and Frances were both great characters and the plot was well done. The art style is so gorgeous and fits well with the story. Also love how at the end the author discussed their process of illustrating and how it was structured. An amazing feel good story!