Aug 29, 2021shay_g rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
“Imagine Me” is the sixth and final novel in the Shatter Me series. The novel picks up after the events of Defy Me. Ella now knows the truth. About her namesake, about the past, and about the Reestablishment. Everything has been revealed. Ella has only recently escaped the clutches of her mother and the Reestablishment, and she’s already being haunted by the past. The lines between right and wrong, memories and imagination, and Juliette and Ella blur. Ella is constantly being targeted and hunted, and her future may not be hers to control. *SPOILERS* THIS BOOK DESTROYED ME. It was just so, so sad. I have never felt emptier in my whole life. The writing was exquisite, the plot was amazing, the characters were incredible, and yet the ending completely shattered me. The last 100 were heartbreaking. I love this series so much, but I honestly feel that the ending was not it. Yes it was extremely sad, but I feel it was so rushed and lacked details. Every single book and novella were leading up to this final battle and it wasn’t a strong conclusion. And I feel that there are many things that could have been added in the ending that just weren't. For example, what happened to Kenji’s and Nazeera’s relationship? And where the heck did Adam come from? And what’s going to happen next, the world is literally dying? What happened to all the Supreme Commander’s children? AND WHERE IS JULIETTE AND AARON’S WEDDING? I NEED TO SEE IT! There are so many things that went unanswered and I have so many questions. Although, there were a few things I liked about the ending, including how Juliette/Ella got her memory back, and how the Reestablishment was defeated. Moving on, I loved all of Kenji’s jokes and his fights with Warner. It was honestly more entertaining than reading from Juliette/Ella’s pov. It’s so cute how Kenji is always baiting Aaron and his reactions are so pure. Their fights are so funny, you would think they’re some old married couple. And Kenji says the funniest things. At times I found myself laughing aloud at the things he says or thinks. Lastly, I thought it was really interesting to see how Warner was affected after Juliette was taken. I hated seeing him so upset and resorting back to his old self, but it was fascinating to see how differently he acted when she wasn’t there. It’s like he had no will to live when she’s not in his life. But I really didn’t like how he was such a horrible person and so mean to everyone without Juliette in his life. Overall, this ending was a bit disappointing and was so sad, thus destroying my mental stability. But the writing, the plot, and Kenji's jokes, were all incredible and made the book super good. I, personally, love the Shatter Me series and would recommend it to anyone who loves dystopia, fantasy, magic, politics, drama, friendships and romance. I think that the first three novels were the best but I would still recommend the whole series.