Aug 30, 2021shay_g rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
“Daughter of the Siren Queen” is the second and final novel in the duology. The novel continues to follow the adventures of Alosa, a half-siren, half-human pirate. Now that her mission is complete, and her father is in possession of all three pieces of the map, Alosa believes she will finally be free from his treachery. But she’s wrong. Alosa has always been told that her mother abandoned her, but while at her father’s keep, she and her crew discover that her mother has been held captive. Information and secrets are revealed, and suddenly Alosa is racing across the ocean to find the treasure, her mother and her birthright. *SPOILERS* I really enjoyed this book. It was an amazing sequel to the Daughter of the Pirate King. I loved how the novel was packed with action, romance, and plot twists. The relationships between Alosa and her crew were just beautiful and I love all the self discovery. Firstly, I loved the friendships Alosa has with her crew. Alosa’s crew is handpicked and the majority of the crew are females. I love female empowerment and it’s so nice to read about the friendships Alosa has with each crew member. I also really enjoy Alosa’s relationship with Riden. Their romantic relationship development is beautiful and they are literally the perfect couple. Moving on, I love how Alosa learned so much about herself and her history. For all her life, her father has been lying to her, and once she finds this out, secrets are spilled and Alosa learns the truth. She learns that her mother never abandoned her and that she is the siren heir. Alosa learns so much about herself and I love the self discovery that leads to character development. Lastly, the action, romance and drama were just amazing. The book was so exciting and fast paced, and I wasn’t bored for a second. I love all the sword fighting, the battles and the action. The slow burn romance between Alosa and Riden was so cute, yet so intense. And the drama! Alosa and her father fought so much, with and without swords. Overall, this novel was excellent. From friendships, to self discovery, to excitement. Perfection. I love this duology so much and I have recommended it to so many of my friends who love fantasy, action, romance and pirates!