Sep 08, 2011elinpat rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I loved this book. I would recommend Anderson-Dargatz to anyone. This story takes place in Alberta in farm country that is soon to be overcome by development due to a tornado. A deus ex machina but I didn't care. It is the story of a young man brought up in the extreme evangelistic culture run generation after generation by men who feel their role is to be brutal to their families. The protagonist, Job, is different because he is angelic looking and synaethesiastic (sounds are colours and shapes). He is cowed by the society in which he lives and is very shy and tentative but kind and sensitive to all the beauty of nature around him. It is his story of his struggle to overcme his meekness and find his own way, while remaining a good person. I was inspired by her descriptions of the physical world and understanding of the small hard won victories that make life itself glorious.