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Fifty Shades Of GreyThe Classical AlbumMusic CDCD C Fift Mis
Heavenly HarmoniesByrd, WilliamMusic CDCD C ByrW Sac
The World of King'sKing's College (University of Cambridge)Music CDCD C King Sac
The Complete English AnthemsTallis, ThomasMusic CDCD C TalT Sac
The deer's crySixteen (Musical group)Music CDCD C Sixt Sac
From the Imperial Courtmusic for the House of HapsburgStile Antico (Musical group)Music CDCD C StiA Sac
EventideVoces8 (Musical group)Music CDCD C Voce Sac
Times go by turnsMusic CDCD C NewY Voc
Passion & ResurrectionStile Antico (Musical group)Music CDCD C StiA Sac
Lux Aeterna (Hill)Streaming MusicInternet access
TALLIS, T. / SHEPPARD, JMotetsStreaming MusicInternet access
BYRD, WMasses A 4 and 5 / TALLIS, T.: Mass, "Salve Intemerata" (Guest)Streaming MusicInternet access
Choral ConcertNew College Choir, Oxford - HARRIS, W.H. / SMITH, W. / TALLIS, T. / STANFORD, C.V. (Evensong at New College Oxford) (Higginbottom)Streaming MusicInternet access
Choral ConcertNew College Choir, Oxford - MENDELSSOHN, Felix / COUPERIN, F. / MOZART, W.A. / IRELAND, J. / TALLIS, T. (The Art of the Chorister)Streaming MusicInternet access
SCHAFER, R.MApocalypsis From Credo / TALLIS, T.: Spem in Alium (Sund)Streaming MusicInternet access
Choral ConcertSt. Patrick's Cathedral Choir - PICCOLO, A. / MANZ, P. / WILAN, H. / DARKE, H. / PALESTRINA, G.P. Da (O Come Let Us Sing)Streaming MusicInternet access
Choral ConcertBasilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Choir - SUSA, C. / VICTORIA, T.L. De / DALBY, M. (I Sing of A Maiden)Streaming MusicInternet access
Choral ConcertMagdalen College Choir, Oxford - BYRD, W. / TALLIS, T. / FARRANT, R. / WEELKES, T. / GIBBONS, O. (English Anthems From Oxford)Streaming MusicInternet access
Virginal and Cornet Music (16th and 17th Centuries) - PALESTRINA, G.P. Da / VALENTE, A. / SCHLICK, A. / CRECQUILLON, T. / KLEBER, L. (Im Maien)Streaming MusicInternet access
Chamber Music (Renaissance) - OCKEGHEM, J. / DAVIES, P.M. / TALLIS, T. / WUORINEN, C. / ESSL, K. (Renaissance Transcriptions) (Ensemble Recherche)Streaming MusicInternet access
Choral ConcertChanticleer - SAMETZ, S. / GIBBONS, O. / TALLIS, T. / GABRIELI, G. / CONTE, D. (I Have Had Singing: A Chanticleer Portrait)Streaming MusicInternet access
100 Schonsten Weihnachtlieder (Die)Streaming MusicInternet access
Three Tudor MassesStreaming MusicInternet access
TALLIS, TLamentations / Motets / Hymns (Spem in Alium) (Pro Cantione Antiqua, Brown)Streaming MusicInternet access
Vocal and Choral Music (Renaissance) - ALLEGRI, G. / MORLEY, T. / TALLIS, T. / BYRD, W. / SCHUTZ, H. / GRANDI, A. (Miserere) (Brown)Streaming MusicInternet access
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